All numbers are imaginary

I remember when we learned in school about imaginary numbers. They seemed so weird. The concept was alien because no practical application using imaginary numbers could come to mind. These numbers were not bound to physical reality.

But what about the other types of numbers? Why do we think they are different?

There are real numbers. These numbers promise infinite precision. But we know that reality is elusive. The uncertainty principle states that there is no way to measure something completely. So real numbers just give an illusion that ultimate precision can exist.

Integers seem pretty straightforward. But negativity is only a mathematical concept. You can not really have a negative of something. There are no minus three apples in the real world. In this aspect negative numbers are also imaginary.

Natural numbers are the most basic. They give us means to count things. This is how we start learning math. And as you can see we can only learn math if we start with assumption that there are things that exist.

But things are just an illusion. Our consciousness evolved to identify and separate objects and we are bound to perceive reality as things and events. We assume that this is what constitutes our world.

However we already know from physics that at the subatomic level reality is continuous. If we look at the world in the atomic scale there is no way to identify things and separate them from the whole.

If you really looked then you could see the interconnectedness and that there is no separation. Then you would understand the impossibility of numbers in this vast and ever changing dance of continuous energy.