The old work versus freelancing question
Apparently it is okay to ask people how much they make
There’s no ‘trick’, only hard work…

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For me, the Internet has always been friendlier than the ‘real world.’ I’ve been working as an online freelancer for over 6 years. I’ve worked with more than 100 clients, and only 2 have been local.

For the longest time, I’ve wondered why this was. Was it because I lived too far from a major market? Nope. I live in Seattle. Online content writers are in demand here.

Was it because I wasn’t visible online? Not likely — clients in Russia, Australia, and even UAE had no problem finding me.

It wasn’t until I worked with local search marketing freelancers did I realize why I wasn’t tapping into my home market — I wasn’t optimized for local searches, and I don’t go around door-to-door handing out my business card. …

Testimonials are all the rave. Whereas SEO gets people to the door, testimonials help make them stay. However, sometimes asking for a testimonial is simply the wrong thing to do — even for freelancers.

I hesitated to tell this story, for a couple of reasons. First of all, it’s because in telling this story, I will have to admit some wrongdoing. Secondly, I feel a bit bad about calling this potential freelancer out. I mean, I am here to build up freelancers, not tear them down — so it is with a heavy heart that I share this story.

However, as a freelance coach-for-hire, I believe it will help everyone if I do. As Spock so aptly put…

My great grandfather was a sharecropper. I know this because we talked about growing cotton before he died. That is all he ever did and he was good at it.

He considered it a point of pride, because his father was a slave, and did not have the opportunities to ‘live away in your own house.’ …

The Internet doesn’t need more content, what it needs are more connections. In the 20 years that I have spent online, I have watched the internet go from an information ecology to a museum of social expression, to where it is now- a mechanism of power.

With the growth of governments and businesses online, came the decline of content, flood of information, and a growing need for violent self-expression. The Internet is quickly becoming parts of our lives and, yes, I believe there is a sweet-spot that exists between the ‘real-world’ and the virtual world of the Internet. …


Jenn Marie

Jenn Marie is the founder of Freelance America, a virtual staffing agency and business development form for online freelancers and those looking to hire them.

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