And let’s not leave Facebook out of the equation. The valuation of Facebook is based on the content, networks, and personal data individuals infuse into the platform. Individuals don’t own their own social network or their data — Facebook does.
The sharing economy — a social movement dying to become an economic one
Chelsea Rustrum

Content is king, yet we give it away carelessly because we don’t recognize what we have. In some respects, I do not fault website entrepreneurs who understand how to leverage the minds of people in order to make a profit. Isn’t that what business is about?

However, we cannot turn around and say we are participating in the sharing economy if we are simply taking and not giving back. I believe one industry where this has gotten out of hand is the freelance employment industry. While great for those unable to manage the day-to-day aspect of running a freelance business, these models are not designed to help people make money, they are designed to help corporations make a profit. As freelancers, we have to understand our value, make the investments and commit to doing the work if we want to achieve similar success to those that know how to profit off of us.

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