On catcalling.

I think I’ve witnessed catcalling only once when I was a high schooler. There was this woman walking towards the station and she got catcalled by the guy giving packets of small tissue papers in front of the station entrance. She looked visibly annoyed even looking at her from behind but the tissue guys didn’t stop and even put the tissue packets onto her bag albeit her refusal. She threw the tissues at them in the end and kept walking towards the gate.

Now, I still can’t quite figure out what a catcalling is other than that one because I only see them in media I guess. But I know/had experiences of dodgey people approaching to me and give me compliments like you are beautiful’.

I have no money and don’t want to get robbed or anything. So, I usually try to keep it very short. But today I told the person who told me ‘you are beautiful’ ‘you too’. He looked baffled for a moment not sure whether to agree or deny and tried to change the subject. (C’mon man, I said you are beautiful. It’s a compliment. Why not take it? Whether you agree with me or not, I got the right to have my opinions.)

I don’t know if I was harassing him in a way because I honestly don’t know his objective but I felt empowered by telling a stranger that he is beautiful.

I wonder if that’s how catcallers feel like and I’m scared of myself.

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