A Journey to Critical thinking


I believe that one of the most crucial bricks in the foundation of arational and an scientific approach is that of the aptitude for critical thinking. Not only it empowers us to see through the mist of emotions and redundant information appearing as otherwise, it also enables us to steer clear of the hype.

I have, up-till this point in my education, developed some basic notions of critical analysis of situations, and some basic logic, and I think it would serve me well if I can articulate them properly and share it in form of a series, and since, 2015 is just round the corner, this will be a good task to take on as a challenge too.

So, here’s the plan— I’ll start with a basic overview of symbolic logic, then move on to logical inferences, fallacies and ultimately to some case studies where I’ll try to analyze a situation as rationally as possible with all the tools that we’ll gather while covering the logic it self.

I hope that I’ll be able to do justice to the subject of logic. I’ll be open to critiques, and will try to utilize them to my advantage.

Prateek Khandelwal

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