My Masculinity

my masculinity is strong but never violent
 while it likes the sun it needs no tan
 a pleasant ranging climate zone
 like Blacksburg in May, mostly bright and blooming
 occasional thunder show but never lightning
 guard dog but never first to bite
 resolute does not require bloodlust
 steady power and flow of the Columbia
 not dormant-cum-explosive St. Helen’s
 my masculinity knows jujitsu
 but feels no need to run around strapped
 my masculinity smells of forests
 yeah, it’s got some natural musk
 but it doesn’t need to claim you
 nor piss on you to feel a man
 my masculinity rises from the heart
 pumps blood in constant rhythmic pulses
 but feels no need to shed it
 my masculinity likes a taste of smoke
 but never drowns in mirrors
 neither for vanity nor momentary thrills
 it fears not this man’s natural fur
 my masculinity worships not destruction
 but loves deconstructionist philosophizing
 it revels not in death, even enemies’,
 finding fortitude in birth and creation
 my masculinity always seeks intrinsic worth
 reword, rehabilitate
 reduce, reuse, recycle
 blasting mountaintops for profit,
 diverting rivers, mounting trophy heads
 impress not my masculinity
 like planting trees and growing peace
 my masculinity is straight but never narrow
 views the world broadly
 from stratospheric heights
 recognizing systems, eco and human,
 leaving to the myopic masculinities
 fearful foci seen through xeno-scopes
 it’s not phobic-oriented
 unafraid of naked form, hugs from men,
 or even her past and future lovers
 my goal is just to please her now
 my masculinity never bows to anyone
 but like ancient Egyptians
 worships Nefratide, Cleopatra, and their cats
 glad to kneel and give its all
 just to make them purr
 my masculinity admires the feminine
 elevating the power and choice of she
 unafraid to ask a woman for directions
 or what she really wants
 my masculinity shows its strength
 by fighting for her rights
 confidence apparent 
 in recognizing when I’m wrong
 in recognizing when she’s stronger
 but when compared to you, Good old’ boy,
 my masculinity knows it’s always right
 what, my masculinity makes you tremble,
 makes you want to pick a fight?
 my masculinity has naught to prove to you
 so I’ll skip your neanderthal competition
 let’s ask a sacred goddess
 whose mascinity she prefers.

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