A little story with big, big heart.

As first published on the www.mixinconf.com blog ❤

Once upon a time, there were seven dreamers who crossed paths. Each of them from very unique backgrounds, but all shared the commonality of being in the web industry and based in Perth. Not only were they passionate about their crafts, they also all cared strongly for the community and wanted to create something together and help improve and elevate the Perth web industry and beyond…

This is my first post for the Mixin blog and the very first thing that I want to say is that I feel extremely lucky to be part of yet another passionate and talented team. To provide a bit of context; by day, I co-run at a digital agency which I love very much, particularly as it’s a place with a lot of heart, brimming with passion for learning and being creative. I’m the luckiest girl alive because I get to go to work every day with my dearest friends and it rarely ever actually feels like ‘just a job’.

I love meeting new people and learning from them. I truly believe that each and every one of us can learn something (or a lot of things) from each other. Always. I get so excited when I meet other people with similar mindsets and a true love for what we do.

That’s why, when I met this amazing group of people, I knew that eventually, we would be doing something special together.

You can meet the rest of the team behind Mixin here, but I wanted to sing them more praises than profiles can showcase.

We hope you love this wild ride that we’re all about to go on. It’s all heart.

I’ll start, in no particular order, with Josh.


Josh is a front end developer who is young, but is seriously wise beyond his years. He’s quite the go-getter and it certainly shows in his valuable ideas and contributions that have been pivotal in forming our organisation. I’m so pleased to have met Josh on this journey and it’s an absolute pleasure to work alongside him.


Next, there is Phuong. Phuong is a quiet achiever who is always happy to help out the team in any way he can. He’s a hard working and dedicated team mate, and also a very talented developer.

It’s obvious that he is someone who enjoys a technical challenge and certainly not afraid to try something new. It’s been awesome to bounce ideas around with him.


During this short time of working with Brett, I’ve witnessed some of his seriously mad skills. He’s that perfect cross-over between design and development, which means he offers that rare combination of creativity and logic to the mix, and has awesome communication skills to boot.


Kylie has been an absolute champion to work with. Not only is she a fantastic designer, she’s equally as great with all things structure and meaningful, bringing in a wonderful perspective in mindfulness with everything that we’ve embarked on as a team.


Meagan is also a quiet achiever but has brought some really fantastic ideas and perspective to the mix. She’s very keen to learn and continues to inspire those around here too. Meagan gives back to the community in such a generous way; it’s great to work alongside her.


Last, but certainly not least, is Mandy. Mandy is all round go-getter and her love for front end and vision for a stronger community is, simply put, awesome.

Something about Mandy is that she genuinely lifts up the people around her and encourages them to pursue their missions. I admire her fearlessness. Once she’s set her mind on something, she goes for it, and if she believes strongly in something, she will fight for it.

I’m a very lucky person to be surrounded by this amazing crew.

These are the amazing people that I get to work alongside for this beautiful Mixin journey and I couldn’t be more excited. They’re brimming with such positivity and creative ideas, and it’s an absolute pleasure to be here.

We all come from different backgrounds and have varying skill sets and experience to bring to the table, but the balance of everyone’s strengths combined certainly seems to be on point.

What’s next on our destination map?

To put on a kick-ass conference that will inspire and spark that passion in all our attendees, speakers and all those involved alike. It’s all about bringing ‘the awesome’ to the people.

We have a clear vision for this project, nay, this mission, and we’re doing this. It’s certainly not because ‘someone has to’, but because we believe that we can help make a positive difference in people’s professional development and creative journeys, no matter what stage of their career they’re at.

We hope you love this wild ride that we’re all about to go on. It’s all heart.

See you on the other side. Thanks for reading. For now, keep being awesome!

Patima and the team at Mixin