Starting with less and ending with less

I need more. I don’t even have a wishlist, but a nextlist. The nextlist is not a finite checklist that if I bought everything on it, I am done and out. It is an endless growing list that only reveals the next stuff to buy after I bought the last stuff on it. I just bought the new SUV I needed and now I need that motorcycle for the sunny day off. Then, I’m done with automobiles. I think? But I heard Tesla is coming out with a new electric car, it’s great for the environment and I can save on gas forever.

I don’t even think I care about what I just bought, it’s the process of getting stuffs that I crave. This is not really about the stuff, but the need to fulfill my thirst for the need for more. What if I just stop wanting more? Not learn to want less, but just stop. Every time a need comes up, my first impulse will be a NO, and maybe carefully reconsider at a later point if the stuff is required — if I forget the need for this stuff, even better. I will probably save time on thinking about what to buy next. I will probably buy less stuffs. I will probably only buy better items I think are worth it in the long run. I will probably enjoy what I just bought for a long time.

Less seems like a pretty good deal.

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