Nomination for Director of the NSA

A message to American citizens and the US Senate regarding my nomination for Director of the National Security Agency.

Hello, I am sure many of you know me, but I’m sure some of you don’t.

I am British2004. I have been in nUSA for almost 4 years, but about 6 months ago I took a break, and have returned. I was in pretty much every agency and was VERY heavily involved with the intelligence community. I have been NSA HICOM under 4 directors, and have had positions ranging from Chief of Staff to Head of Operations, I was also acting Director of the NSA for about 2 weeks. Hopefully this shows you that I have the experience and the dedication to the NSA.

I was nominated for Director of the NSA, as I’m sure you have noticed by now. I want to convince and show you, the American public and especially Senators, that I have what it takes.

Here are a few of my plans:

  • I want to reform the NSA with new, fresh people. This will allow new people to have a chance. An in-game application will be released giving anyone (who obviously passes extensive background checks) the opportunity to join nUSA’s most prestigious agency, in my opinion. It will be open for about the first week, and then will be open for about 1 week every month or whenever we are in need of some new agents.
  • I will try my best to set up joint trainings and patrols with other agencies particularly in the intelligence community once a week. This will be a great chance for agents to be able to work alongside other agents from different agencies, and it will be a great experience. Who knows, one of those days two agents from the NSA and another agency may need to work together on the field, and this will get them ready for that.
  • The NSA is and always has been a very opaque agency. I want to change that. My NSA administration will be transparent with the public. We want the public to have a voice and know what is going on, and that is why there will also be a place where you can post suggests and comments about the NSA that I will read. Of course, there are simply somethings that just must be classified, and of course we will not disclose classified information. Anything that isn’t classified though, you can expect to know it.
  • Lastly, I want to work closely alongside the intelligence community and it’s administration to conduct intelligence operations that will have great, useful outcome.

Those aren’t all of my plans, but those are some just to give you an idea. Please contact me on Discord British2004#9637 if you have any questions.

Senators, I hope you give me a chance. I ask you, to please approve of my nomination when that day comes.

As I hope you can see from everything above, I am experienced, knowledgeable, and deserving of Director of the National Security Agency. I will not let the great nation of America down.

Thank you

— British2004

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