You Did Nazi This Coming, Did You?

Do people no longer care about — or do they just fail to recognize — how incredibly evil the Nazis were? So many on the Left use “Nazi” as an epithet to describe their opponents on the Right. They freely call Trump, Bannon, Miller, et al, as Nazis. They compare officials of the Trump Administration to Goebbels, to Hitler.

Do they know what they’re talking about? No. They parade their caricatures and their signs around: A bunch of “Ts” fashioned into a swastika. Trump in Brownshirt. When those on the Right just as erroneously compared Obama to Hitler, hefting portraits of 44 sporting a Hitler ‘stache, it was just as ill-conceived, as wrong.

And, didn’t those on the Left compare George W. Bush to Hitler? Yes. Yes, they did. It’s gotten to the point where “Hitler” means little more than “this guy I don’t like,” and that’s dangerous.

Furthermore, if George W. Bush was Hitler — the worst person in modern history, bar none — then how can anyone who attains office after him also be “Hitler”? Why don’t those on the Left smear conservatives by comparing them to Stalin? Or Pol Pot? Or Kim Il-sung, Kim Jong-il, or Kim Jong-un? Chavez? Or Castro? Che?

Well, we know why Republican politicians in America will never be compared to such murderous dictators and henchmen by those on the Left — in so doing, they’d be implicitly acknowledging the horrors perpetrated by those they’re nominally ideologically aligned with, or (in the case of Che) celebratory of.

The thing is, Adolf Hitler was far more than merely a leader folks had disagreements with. He was a dictator who nationalized much of German industry — you know, the socialism part of “National Socialism” always seems to be ignored by the Left — while clamping down on basic human rights, such as life.

Millions upon millions of people in Europe were affected by Nazi policies even before the start of the Second World War. Jewish refugees began fleeing long before the Holocaust got under way, and even then, they were refused entry by the ancestors of those who today claim to be champions of immigration.

And, when it comes to modern global tragedies, nothing compares to the systematic slaughter of European Jewry by the Nazis and those allied with them. Is anything illegal immigrants go through under Trump remotely similar to the Shoah? No, and to suggest otherwise is to insult the memory of all those — including Slavs and Gypsies — who were killed just for being different.

Hitler never spoke as Trump spoke this past Monday. He never condemned the violence of thugs who tended to support him, as Trump did (in fact, we know that as often as not, Hitler himself ordered those thugs into action). Hate groups were at the forefront of Nazi German society; in America, they (including BLM) are rightfully relegated to the fringes of society.

If you so freely, so blithely, so ignorantly compare Trump & Co. to Hitler and the Nazis — if you create or disseminate images agreeable with such comparisons — you and your opinions don’t deserve to be taken seriously.

You deserve to be shunned — deserve to be hated — right along with BLM, Nazis, La Raza, the KKK, and all the other such groups lurking in our society’s shadows.

You do nothing for intellectual discourse but drag it down into the muck, and then step on its back while claiming that others are to blame for the state of things. You’re part of the problem, not part of the solution. In closing, I have some advice. A suggestion. So, here’s a good rule of thumb, presented by one humble Jew to you:


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