The Elephant in the Room on Healthcare Policy

I’m spending my Sunday today doing some yard work and reading articles; catching up on the latest in politics.

The topics that are on the news cycle are the Trump Russia Scandal and Healthcare. While the Trump Russia Scandal is of eminent importance, and eventually will dictate the outcome of our “elected”executive office… when I think of how I would feel if I were a conservative, my biggest point of contention would be how disorganized Republicans have been since they have taken office.

The biggest point to be reviewed here is something that has been largely glossed over: Conservatives had eight years to come up with a counter to the Affordable Care Act.

Let that sink in.

It’s been mentioned… but it hasn’t really been attended to. I’ll say it again:

The Republican Party had eight years to come up with a conservative Healthcare Act.

People are concerned about the fact that Mitch McConnell went into private offices to create a senate version of the bill. My question is, why did he need to do that? He had eight years to come up with something. They all did.

Why this should be particularly concerning to you if you are conservative is that it shows you the level of apathy, and incompetence in your party. If they were so genuinely concerned (as opposed to just creating hype and opposition), then this should have been out and ready to go… DAY ONE January 21st. Republicans should have had the concerns of moderate Republicans and hard-line conservative Republicans handled and dealt with.

You had eight years to smooth this out.

There are two things to really look at today at your Republican party.

One: the willingness to toe the line for the leader that represents you at the highest office, despite the growing evidence that he is indeed corrupt, and,

Two: the blatant incompetence in being prepared to get thing done.

If you are Republican because your values align with the party… then you should be furious at your leadership.

Republicans love to look to the private sector for best practices; so let’s do that now. When two businesses are competing for consumer and brand awareness; when they are competing for being considered the best in class, there is no time for this kind of nonsense. If this was business, there would be an expectation to turn out a working plan as soon as the opportunity presents itself. If there was a big fail in getting the sale? Those top execs would be fired. Another example: when someone is outed for being corrupt, or exposed for allowing bad behavior… they are removed from the business- because it’s bad for the brand. It is bad PR. You get rid of them. Look what Uber did; like it or not, there was too much heat on Uber CEO Kalanick- he had to go.

You should be absolutely up in arms over the fact that your party was so unprepared to take action on something that they said was so vitally important for the last… 8… years.

What are you going to do? I think it’s high time that the true conservatives of America actually call their party to be more business-like. After all this is why you chose Trump: business acumen.

As a liberal, of course I’m glad for the incompetence, but I believe real conservatism has points of value. It would be great if on-the-ground conservatives would reassess and ‘fire your folks’ so we both can return to having meaningful debates and solving our country’s challenges ahead.