The Case For Making Hillary Clinton President — And Not Mike Pence — After Trump Is Impeached
Allan Ishac

Considering number 13 asking for an intimate knowledge of the constitution, perhaps you should read one of the amendments called the presidential order of succession. Just because you feel somebody cheated doesn’t mean we ignore, said additional articles of the constitution, which are called amendments. It took one amendment to ban alcohol and took another amendment just to unban it, let alone talking about somebody who runs the country rules change. While you mentioned Banana Republic rules, someone could use Banana Republic rules instead of constitutional law to slip themselves in as well this way.

If you truly feel that this is an exceptional one time occasion, then you should convince Congress to pass an amendment (even if just one time like the example historically above) to allow Hillary Rodham Clinton to be president and ignore the order of succession (assuming we ended at Hatch once we prove the linked Partnership of Pence and Ryan, if it even goes that far.)

If you don’t like this, then I recommend you take a course on civics and make yourself knowledgeable instead of persuasive on why a person should be president when they constitutionally cannot.

I do appreciate your work and look forward to more, but have somebody proofead them occasionally just to be sure.

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