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Photo by Mateus Campos Felipe on Unsplash

Have you ever wondered why
Everything is boring, unlike the ones in our mind?
The grind of fettered souls, trying to find their place
The fear of looking into a mirror, abhorring our true face

Do you ever wish things were more exciting?
Where the challenges are inviting, or where no one is crying?
Where the birds are flying, or where there is no death or dying?
My, oh my, what a world it would be!

Do you want to go another world?
Where instead of the pen, you wield the sword?
Your story is told by yourself, and you become your own mold
Where, at the very least, you aren’t painfully, arduously bored?

But I can only cry, tears of regret streaming down my eyes
Because — much to my surprise — one must eventually surmise
Such a place only exists, after one dies.


Waden Greaux

Model/Writer. Follow me on Instagram: the_waden_g. Email:

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