It’s all part of the ride (Biker Philosophy)

Some days the weather is perfect and it seems like the day was made for riding. On days like that it’s almost immoral not to get out on the road and spend some time in the saddle. It’s as if life its self were beckoning you to get out and embrace the things that lay ahead of you.

Then some days it rains. Some days the sky pisses on you so hard it makes you wonder if maybe life has it in for you and wants you to know it. On those days the road is uninviting, but life doesn’t stop for you just because the road is in a bad way.

So what can you do? You adjust your speed and take precautions, but you keep going.

If you’re a real man you don’t let the things you can’t change bother you. You knew these days would come when you signed up for the ride, and crying about it in the middle of it all wouldn’t do any good anyway.

On days like those I remember the words spoken by wiser men than myself.

One way to look at is from the perspective that, “The summer would not be so sweet were in not for the summer.”

But even without getting that philosophical and forward looking, all you need to remember is…

“It’s all part of the ride.”

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Originally published at on October 30, 2009.