Ride On (Biker Philosophy)

Life is like a motorcycle ride.

You can ride next to other people, and inevitably you will, but ultimately your ride is yours alone.

Nobody else can experience it from your perspective, and you can’t experience anyone else’s from theirs. Ultimately we’re all solely responsible for the decisions we make on the road.

If you spend your entire life riding with a gang, club, organization or whatever the hell you want to call it, don’t forget that the ride is yours and yours alone. If/when you get absorbed into a group you tend to start looking at the road from the perspective of the group.

…and when your perception changes your identity changes.

You may forget that the road is life and start thinking the group is life.

If you let your perception of life becomes tied to the group then your perception becomes a slave to the group. Then you become a slave to the group.

So remember,
You’re on your own ride.

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Originally published at thewisesloth.com on October 30, 2009.