The Wise Sloth Table of Contents

Chapters are listed in order of popularity.

Chapter 1: Sex and Relationships

1.1 Sex Positions and Techniques

1.2 Dating and Relationships

1.3 Philosophy of Sexuality

Chapter 2: Philosophy and Inspirational Self-Help

2.1: Life

2.2: Agnosticism and Atheism

2.3: Thinking

2.4: Ethics

2.5 Personal Growth

2.6 Personal Behavior

2.7: Biker Philosophy

Chapter 3: Writing/Creativity

3.1 Formula Plot Tempates

3.2 Tips on being a writer

Chapter 4: How-To

Chapter 5: The Bible and Christianity

5.1 The Bible is mythology

5.2 Christianity is bad for you and society

5.3 Churches and Christian Culture

Chapter 6: Critiques of the U.S. Military From a Veteran

Chapter 7: Pop Culture

Chapter 8: Web Comics

8.1: Illustrated Parables

8.2 This Was Your Life

(Loki and a friend taunt the dead at the Pearly Gates to the Underworld)

8.3 State of the Union

(Short, dark, surreal, articulate political comics)

8. 4 An Old Man From Jersey Explains Life

(Very philosophical comics about life)

These are comics, which are loosely based on the short stories:

These are short stories, which are precursors to the comics:

8.5: Occupy LOL Street

(Thee LOL Cats join the Occupy LOL Street movement)

8.6: Two Conservative Ladies

(A satirical take on conservative talking points)

Chapter 9: Education

9.1 The Importance of Education

9.2 Improving Education

Chapter 10: Economics and Business

10.1: Macroeconomics

10.2: Microeconomics

10.3: Issues in the Workplace

Chapter 11: Politics

11.1: American Politics

11.2: Police and the Law

11.3: Occupy Wall Street

Chapter 12: Saving the World

Chapter: 13 Random Stuff

13.1 The Wise Sloth

13.2: Unfinished Novels:

13.3: Art

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