Axie Infinity 101

Jan 24 · 12 min read


This is an example of a beast with 3/6 beast traits (mouth, horn, and back). That is why the morale is high. “High” traits are usually 55+.
This is a high HP plant with 3/6 plant traits (in the mouth, horn, and back). The Reptile trait at the tail (Tiny Dino) also adds to the HP because of its HP abilities. That is why this Axie has 56 health. This would be considered a “tank”.


This is a “pure” aquatic Axie.

Second: Breeding

This is the egg of an Axie pair.
The second stage, larva.
“Morph to Petite” to see the traits of your Axie.
This is where you can see the traits of your Axie, Petite.
This is an adult Axie.
Unbred Axie because the Breed count is 0/7.
Breed count and experience required.
Aquatic Axie.
Bird Axie.
Percentages for Eyes and Ears.
Percentages for Mouth, Horn, Back, and Tail.
Aquatic Axie with 2/7 breeds, this will be the third breed for it.
Option to breed or send to Mating Club where other Axies can breed with your Axie at a cost! This is a good way to make money if you have extra Axies to breed without partners.
Second step to breeding.
Axie #21473 is the Axie we want to breed with.
The last stage of breeding!
Axie breeding complete!
Proof of my egg.

Third: Battling

Highlighted in blue is the front Axie.
This Axie positioning has all Axies in the same row, which means that not one single Axie is in the front, so the attacks are distributed amongst them. This strategy is usually used with fast, heavy hitting Axies that can’t take a lot of damage.
Tail Nut Cracker
Edit Team Option.
Axie stats and their traits.
I lost!
Summary of the battle.
Battle Example.

Types of Axies:

Example of a “Tank” Axie.
Example of Axie with good DPS parts.

Fourth: What makes an Axie valuable? What would be a good first purchase?

Number of Breeds:


A tag:

A Mystic Trait:

Red Nimo is the Mystic Trait.
This is a Quad Mystic. An Axie with 4 Mystic parts.

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