The positive side of a failure

This summer I lost my job as a store manager of a convenience store which was due to the visa regulation of Norway. I guess it is not even a failure, maybe a bad luck. The Immigration Department said that my job was not relevant to my education which was International Management and International Economics. Basically, I had to leave Norway and go back to Vietnam. I was so bitter and angry because I did my duty as a good immigrant who worked hard and paid tax without committing any crime and actually it was them who gave me working visa for the first year.

The sadness was so overwhelmed at that time. I missed my orientations on how my life could become when I headed back to Vietnam. Everything was full of uncertainty.

However, it was the beginning of all the most important events in my life. In terms of personal life, I got married with my Norwegian boyfriend, who realised that he could not live without me. I moved back to Norway under family-reunion visa.

Regarding skills, I actually properly learnt to speak Norwegian with my husband everyday now. We were so lazy at first because we did not have enough time together and Norwegian was too hard for me to explain my ideas. I can now communicate in Norwegian fluently, at least with people who speak Oslo dialect. Moreover, I also took courses in coding and design, which I never had time to explore before.

My career also turned a new page. I have been working for a start-up with the ambition to educate people and support social enterpreneurs worldwide. I do not get paid, as part of the typical start-up story but I feel inspired everyday of the idea that we can make the world a better place. I am still struggling to find out what I am really good at but mentally I feel good about what I am doing. In addition, I finally started my own business with the support of my husband. I selected canvas bags produced in Vietnam and created an online store. I designed my own store logo, we take pictures of the products, we rent the Shopify platform for online shop, I am in search for new products everyday. We prepare for different fairs and marketing campaigns for our products. I just love it!

Am I happy with my current situation? Yes and No.

Yes because I can spend time doing what I like

No because I do not earn money as much as I wish. Possibly I still need a normal job to make ends meet.

Do I still feel negative? No. From what I have experienced, there will always be lights at the end of the tunnel.

I know that I just need to keep moving forward.