As Jeff Martinez entered the TV studio at the University Of Nevada, Reno, you can tell he has done this before. As he entered the studio, his courteous nature matched his bright pink button up shirt. He shook hands with everyone and made jokes to ease the nervous tension in the room.

Martinez is a meteorologist for KTVN news in Reno, Nev. Jeff fell in love with being on television during the time his father worked for ABC News and would take Jeff to the studio when he was a child.

He graduated from the University of New Mexico where he received a Bachelors of Arts degree in university studies with an emphasis in broadcast journalism.

One of the most notable storms Martinez has covered during the course of his career is known as El Nino. It is a storm system that has been around for years but this year’s storm has gained a lot of attention due to its expected severity along the west coast.

Despite this, Martinez feels that only one thing will determine how El Nino will affect Reno and the drought that has effected Nevada and California.

“Time will tell,” Martinez said, “We’ll keep our fingers crossed and see if we can get some of that moisture. We’re on our fourth season of a drought…hopefully we can get some more snow in the mountains as well.”

Besides predicting the weather, Jeff is also a licensed pilot. He received his private pilot license in Albuquerque and has used his skills to fly helicopters in the cities he has worked in.

Martinez feels that being a well-rounded journalist is vital for students. He said, “The more knowledge and the more experience you have will help you with your career.”

Martinez grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico and began his career in 1994 as a weekend weather anchor for KOAT ABC in Albuquerque. From there, Martinez made stops in Chicago and San Antonio before settling in Reno, where he has been delivering the weather for the past 15 years.

During his time in college he worked as a photographer for KOAT-ABC. Once the station began doing a weather segment during the weekend shows, Martinez jumped at the chance. He then went on to permanently do the weather on weekends and work as a general reporter during the week.

With meteorology comes a lot of prediction. And there are moments where meteorologists can get it wrong. But Jeff does not focus on whether he’s going to get it wrong or right; he’s just having fun.

“It is a tough job because you have to get the weather right for that day. But weather is a fun job. You can’t beat talking about the weather,” Jeff said.