Call me entitled, but I don’t think you should be barred from growing and exploring and taking risks because your income isn’t in proportion with the cost of living in your area.
An Open Letter To You
talia jane

I’m not here to get a rise out of anyone, but I would like to point out that you ARE in fact entitled.

You see, we’re the same age, but in two different positions because one of us pushed forward to get that Engineer title, even without school and the other felt that because of school she deserves more.

I’m a young black male that’s dealt with more than you could probably imagine, I’ve been shot at a few times, I lose people close to me all the time, at least once a year.

I grew up in Oakland, fought my way to higher wages, my first job in my field I had to move to Houston in order to land, I was paid $14.48/hr.

I came back from Houston to help with my mom after heart surgery and stick around my little brother.

It took me a few months, but I landed another job, this job I landed’s hourly rate was somewhere around $21/hr, I put in a lot of overtime and lived at home for a while and then moved into another position at Ask.Com, every position ensuring that I learned something new in order to take to another role.

It saddens me that you represent our generation on such a grand scale for these next 15 minutes, I don’t see your post as trying to shine light on a situation, but rather trying to bring attention to yourself.

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