The Top 10 Most Fun Super Smash Bros. Characters

Hello everyone. Chase here, and I’m an avid gamer. My favorite franchise is easily Super Smash Bros., because it is just so much fun. Its gameplay manages to be both simple and complex at the same time, creating a truly one-of-a-kind game (besides its rip-offs). Not only that, but it combines characters from other games and puts them in one!

On that note, it got me thinking: What are my favorite Smash Bros. Characters? Well, that inspired me to make this list. Before I get lambasted in the comments, let me just state that I would not consider myself to be a pro Smash player. You’re reading words from a casual fan that just likes to have fun, and I’m ranking these characters based on how much fun I have using them. I’m not familiar with many official terms used for characters’ moves, so this list may seem a bit amateur by Smash Bros. standards. With that said, let’s get to the goods.

10. Mr. Game and Watch


First, let’s take a look at Nintendo’s past. Before the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) ended the ’83 gaming crash, Nintendo released little handheld games called “Game and Watch.” Think of them being precursors to Tiger electronic games, but that’s beside the point. Mr. Game and Watch incorporates moves from many different game and watch games, such as Manhole, Octopus, and Chef. These wacky moves go well with his simple design, creating a truly unique character.

9. Yoshi


The most adorable dinosaur of all time is bound to be on the list of most fun characters, right? Yoshi has plenty of fun moves, such as his egg toss, head-butt, and his signature ground pound. The only thing preventing him from being higher on this list? That left/right B egg roll, man. It stinks. You heard it here first.

8. Link


Who brings a sword to a fistfight? Well, a lot of Smash characters, but Link definitely stands out amongst them. Being the legendary Hero of Time isn’t enough for this Zelda protagonist, so he has to duke it out not only with Ganon, but with animals and children, too (that didn’t sound right). His recovery sword swing is enough to have him on this list, but if you needed more, his swordsmanship when you hold up and A is brilliant.

7. Samus


If you played Brawl’s Subspace Emissary, you may remember the emotional scene when Samus saves Pikachu from being used as a battery (easily my favorite cutscene from the game). That moment forever engrained Samus in my mind as one of my favorite Smash characters. The bounty hunter from the Metroid series has arguably the best recover in the game, the Screw Attack. It is just so satisfying to use! Also, her missiles are great and holding down B to get the mega cannon (I don’t know the official name) just makes me feel good.

6. Robin

I couldn’t think of a quote…

I’m not well-versed in the Fire Emblem series. The only one that I’ve played is Awakening on the 3DS, which happens to be the title Robin is from. Robin is the default name of the player avatar in that game; as in, you can name he or she whatever you please. No matter what he/she’s named or what gender the character is, the character is still fun to use. Whereas other Fire Emblem characters in Smash use swords, Robin uses magic, providing a breath of fresh air to the game. The Nosferatu that drains your opponent’s health is satisfying to get right, and the fire blast is also fun.

5. Mario


What gaming list is complete without gaming’s most respected idol? Mario has to be on this list, with his fireballs and cape providing a good one-two punch of B attacks. In addition, his recovery hitting fighters above him combined with the coin sound effects makes for some good smashing.

4. Kirby


The cutest badass on Pop Star, Kirby has got to make the list. Just the fact that he dresses up as whoever he inhales justifies me including him. His recovery of swinging upward with a sword and his down-B of turning into a rock or Thwomp are also great fun. Kirby may very well be the most charming character in the game.

3. Sonic

“C’mon! Step it up!”

And here comes gaming’s favorite hedgehog (to some people anyway) to battle! Being “the fastest thing alive,” Sonic is the fastest character in the game, so don’t get the Bunny ears unless you want chaos. His punches and side-B spin dash spell misery for opponents, and the spin dash is so much fun to spam (I don’t support spamming moves in Smash unless it’s funny or no friendships are at stake).

2. Ike

“Prepare yourself…”

Like I said, I’m not that familiar with Fire Emblem, but it doesn’t matter because Ike has the best recovery in Smash history. Hearing him say “Ether!” or “AUGAHHHHH!!!!!!” combined with his sword swing opponents up and down again is so damn fulfilling! If that wasn’t enough, his strong sword strikes are enough to send opponents packing. If you want the strongest character, use Ike. But if you want my favorite character, go for…

  1. Villager
*insert bug pun here*

I know what you’re thinking: probably “Lol this guy sucks” or “Wurst lyst evar.” Hear me out: Villager kicks ass for me. Using the tree to get opponents is one of the best feelings in the world of gaming. The Lloid rocket is also great fun, and the Balloon Fight-inspired recovery is a brilliant homage, since it was one of the playable NES games in the original Animal Crossing. If you still doubt me, go play as him soon, and come back and let me know how he did for you.

That’s the list! Do you agree or disagree? Let me know! Smash Bros. truly has a fantastic roster, and there are many more great characters to play as. Remember that this list was my personal opinion and that you don’t have to agree with me. Let’s all just have a fun time and play with our favorite characters. See you next time!