Stop this Damn Content War

Post after post after Post. Tag after tag after tag. We’re all at war with each other for the most likes, the most followers, most reblogs, whatever.

A lot of us are so busy with pumping out content all of the time that the quality gets lost. The glamour of the people traveling the world and creating for megabrands clouds the idea of creating for something bigger than yourself; having a why behind what you’re doing and standing for something.

And I’m TOTALLY guilty of these things. I’ve posted to post something, to share things with the world that weren’t great. I’ll be the first one to admit that I need to slow down and perfect my craft and idea development instead of getting it out into the world as fast as possible. We’ve become stagnant visually from so many things coming into our line of sight and maybe that leads to brands becoming weaker.

An old mentor of mine, John Poisson, told me this story. If you build a wall out of bricks as fast as you possibly can you’ll have a wall that’s just ok and there will be a lot of imperfections. But if you start with one brick, lay it down perfectly, see how you did it perfectly, then become great at perfecting that process at the end you will have a perfect wall.

There are the few lucky who get to rise to the top with natural talent, connections, or whatever you want to call it. I hope these quick thoughts spark some thought in you too. Or maybe it’s a post that I needed to hear for myself.

Great skill and work comes first.

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