I watched Road House for the first time

And boy was it something else. Here are a three observations.

They really like Dalton’s ass

Carrie walks right on up to Dalton’s barn loft bedroom, like she was invited or something. And when he gets out of bed to put on pants the camera focuses in on his bare ass. Carrie gasps.

When Dalton’s first dustup with Jimmy is called off on account of Brad Wesley firing a gun indoors, Jimmy tells him: “Your ass is mine, boy.”

Minutes before Dalton literally murders Jimmy, he is told: “I used to fuck guys like you in prison.” While the ass isn’t specifically mentioned here, it is implied.

Brad Wesley is hunting Dalton in his home: “I see you found my trophy room, Dalton. The only thing that’s missing … is your ass.”

Don’t mind us; just running over cars with a Monster truck

The fire at Red’s Auto Parts Store? Sure, maybe there’s some reasonable doubt. But when Brad Wesley orders the Monster truck driver to plow through the dealership in broad daylight while the entire town is watching, the least someone could do is write a letter to the President of the United States of America as a heads up.

Dear Mr. President,

Wanted to let you know this guy Brad Wesley, who’s basically the dictator of our town, used a Monster truck to destroy a bunch of cars at a dealership the other day. Pretty messed up. Nobody’s really doing anything about it. Is it against the law to destroy someone else’s cars with a Monster truck?


Concerned Citizen

Goes both ways

The blind-eye approach somehow works when Brad Wesley’s bullet-ridden body is found in his own house with a bunch of the town’s disaffected business owners encircled. They’re all like, “I didn’t see anything.” The Sheriff’s look says I don’t really believe you. But Tinker says a polar bear fell on him, everyone laughs, and the whole thing is forgotten.

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