“If you do it once, you’ll do it again”

I recently read an article on LinkedIn that depression rate of lawyers is the highest among all professionals. The article made sense, and that is the reason why movies and series about lawyers are damn interesting. Because it’s easy to make an enthralling script around a dark story, won’t you agree? I’m a fan of such stories myself, which is the reason I have wasted around 250+ hours watching the famous American legal drama series “Suits”. Yeah! That’s right! Season 1 to 5, 5 times. It’s a show where every character has a lot of attitude and they use long and fascinating metaphors good enough for you to press “Shift + Left Arrow” on your VLC.

Harvey Spector — Source: http://www.usanetwork.com/suits/photos/respect

But I shouldn’t exactly be calling it “wasting” my time. Because I find some inspiration from every character each time I watch the show. In one of the episodes, Harvey Spector (a killer lawyer and the protagonist) was made to do something illegal by his boss. He didn’t want to do it but his boss never gave him a choice as it was his case. When Harvey’s secretary Donna (who’s very hot by the way) found out about this and told him not to do it, Harvey said — “It’s just one time and it’s not my case anyway”. To this, she told him something which is the entire motivation behind this post.

It might not be your case Harvey, but it’s definitely not just one time. And I’ll tell you one more thing. I bet his first time, he thought would be his last time. If you want somebody to just sit at her desk, answer your phones and pick up your dry cleaning, then put out a want ad, because that’s not me. I’m gonna tell you what I think. And what I think is, if you do this, you’ll keep doing it.
Donna Paulson — Source: http://www.usanetwork.com/suits/photos/respect

And Harvey finally does not do it and quits his job to not work for a boss like that anymore. And this got me thinking that this is so true in our lives as well. Be it breaking the signal at a traffic light, copying in an exam, bullying someone, or goddamn cheating on your girlfriend, if you do it once, it’s highly likely you’ll do it again. Pick up anything we do and this moral sentence will rightly fit.

Since the day I have promised myself never to do things which are even slightly not morally right, I have never done them. And this has made a huge difference in my life to help me become the person I want to be. And I’m sure that you too will be able to derive the same value out of it. We all should have the courage to not do it that “first” time like Harvey, because if we do, chances are we’ll do it again. So let’s make a commitment to ourselves that we won’t do anything that’s against our basic moral conscience. Not once, ever again!

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