The Start

Hello guys, I thought I would just setup a blog to allow for my tips and adventures in the CS:GO Betting Scene to sit in a place for the public to read. I’m no journalist, but over the past two years since picking up CS:GO I have religiously followed the pro scene. At first it was too improve my own gameplay, however more recently I have used it as a form of income earning (around $1000 from a $50 start) as I’m currently a full time student. If your wondering what I study, I currently study, Economics, Mathematics, Physics & Computer Science. Sounds super nerdy I know.

Why Should I Listen To You?

Well, quite simply you don’t have to, a majority of what I write will be based of my own experiences within the community and my current and previous results. But, I can say that when I first started I would use reddit in order to take advice. However, it can become very flustered and sometimes I just feel like people are trying to sway the odds (I’ll explain all of these terms later) or quite simply I didn’t agree with them. But that’s kinda how you make money in this. Anyways, this isn’t all about money. Within the contents of this blog I plan to explain my opinions on teams and certain players and maps. In order for you guys to trade and make some money. I have no intention of becoming a ‘tipster’ who will give you tips on how to win money on lounge. I just quite simply don’t want to put that pressure on myself. This means that although now and again I may have my own money on a game. I might not always. But this won’t take anything away from my analysis.

What Makes You So Different?

Well, quite simply. I know *almost* every player and every team. That plays at the current moment. What this means is, I have a huge amount of knowledge… ‘Insert Meme Here..’ And seriously, I have no real monetary value from this apart from getting my name out there. A huge inspiration for doing this whole thing is the amount of my mates who play the game who question me on who do I think will win, whether they should bet etc etc.. I only give an answer to one of those questions generally. And my answer is, only bet what you are happy to lose and treat the bet more as a incentive to watch, treat it like a Pay Per View so if you lose you know that you had the entertainment value from the match and don’t feel as though you’ve lost out. And secondly, in the UK the stance on gambling is. ‘When The Fun Stops Stop.’ I don’t wish to encourage anyone under age to gamble and lose money that isn’t there’s or they can’t afford. As you can guess yes, I was one of these online underage gamblers on CS:GO Lounge.

Why Are You Bothering? What’s your gain?

Well, quite simply as I said, I get asked a lot of questions by people. And from this I can gather its information that people want to hear. All I wish is that sometime in the future I can establish a reputation for myself as someone who is trust worthy and well liked amongst the community. I don’t wish to push anyone out I just want to give my personal opinions. Maybe sometime in the future I might be on a desk hosting a CS:GO major I guess that's the dream. To take something I love and being able to do it as a job. And you have to start somewhere right?

I think that's all for this first blog posts, if you have any questions you want to ask specifically then feel free to message me on Twitter @TheAdono

Thank to All — I’ll leave you all with my favorite film Rounders Quote..

Mike McDermott: “Listen, here’s the thing. If you can’t spot the sucker in your first half hour at the table, then you ARE the sucker.”

Rounders (1998)
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