Business Accelerator

Research shows that 9 out of 10 business ventures fail in under 3 years. As an entrepreneur or business owner your BIGGEST ASSET will be full access to a dedicated business mentorship team and business accelerator team led by the top business men and woman in South Africa. You need The Advisory Boards.

You decided to run a business to get in control of your life and do something you’re passionate about. But cash constraints, employee turnover, competition and an endless string of new technologies have made growth more difficult than it seems worth…

You need a road map for growth.

The Business Accelerator Program delivers a method to provide a helicopter view of your business. We then take that viewpoint and connect the dots from vision to strategy to tactics in order to achieve your goals.

This program is a chance for you to get clear on what’s working in your business and what needs to change to get it where you want it to be. It’s an approach to understanding your organizations’ capacity and capability — understanding how to direct all organizational energy to deliver on your customer promise every time.