Squirting is Peeing
Emma Lindsay

Thank you for your article. FE was one of the reasons I went down this sexual health rabbit hole. I agree that female ejaculation is primarily urine, it’s pissing and that’s ok. FE feels good. The muscular release feels good. For some women, the stimulation to the urethra with penetration feels good. I have done a lot of research on the study, spoken with urologists and gynecologists, sexologists and even listened to Dr. Whipple discuss the topic. Physiologically, female ejaculation, compared to male bodies ejaculation do not compare. There is no holding area for ejaculate in the female body, however, we are all made of much of the same “stuff” so the idea of having prostatic fluid, without the prostate makes sense.

FE doesn’t smell like the Starbucks bathroom in Penn Station. If fact there is little scent at all. It is different than “purposeful” urination, pre-sex, after coffee pee.

When Annie Sprinkle, the Grand Dame, mother of the squirt, talks about creating one of her squirting art pieces she drinks gallons of water. It takes a lot of water and body awareness (muscle control) to recreate a fountain. Does that take away her artist expression, not for me!

For my squirting friends, regardless of what it is or isn’t FE on because it feels good. For those that want to name FE, the release of pee, that’s ok too. Everyone has had a pee that, “felt sooo good. “

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