3 New Benefits BIM Offers: BIM Outsourcing Services

The AEC Associates
Jan 16 · 3 min read
3 New Benefits BIM Offers: BIM Outsourcing Services

Reputed providers of BIM Outsourcing Services like The AEC Associates promise to change the way the building industry has been functioning for centuries. The technical advancements and skyrocketing construction cost over the past decades makes it mandatory for BIM outsourcing services providers to become more clients friendly and bring more benefits for the end users today.

Some of the benefits Building Information Modeling offers to the professionals and the building owners/ operators are discussed below.

· Making buildings sustainable: Green features:

Green architecture hasn’t just remained a buzz word with global warming threatening to wipe out the human civilization in near future. It often becomes difficult for developers/ designers to keep a balance between long-term goals and short-term expenditure, however, reputed companies offering BIM outsourcing services are able to harness the characteristics and performance of design concepts. This allows their clients to compare sustainable alternatives to balance energy and resource efficiency with their project costs.

· Better coordination between stakeholders

There is often a lack of coordination between different stakeholders that hinders the progress of a building project. Several factors might adversely influence the efficiency of the design team, for example, the difference in tools and technology used by each discipline. While the architectural team uses drafting technology to define their work graphically, the engineering consultants mostly employ word processing and spreadsheet tools to define specifications etc. The absence of a shared language or common tools may often open a gulf too wide to bridge. BIM offers a solution as the models include the specifications,schedules and project costs along with the building elements to successfully bridge this gap in communication.

· Day lighting analysis

Studies indicate that buildings consume nearly 70% of the total power generated world wide. BIM outsourcing services providers can play an important role in reducing this consumption considerably by maximizing daylight penetration into the buildings. It’s possible to sharply reduce the requirement for electricity along with heat and energy loads created by lighting just by harnessing daylight through strategic design of building exterior. BIM providers can effectively perform analysis and documentation of interior day lighting effects to optimize energy consumption.

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