6 Old Design Concepts Still Relevant For 3D CAD Design Services (Continued)

6 Old Design Concepts Still Relevant For 3D CAD Design Services

The AEC Associates 3D CAD Design Services shoulder the massive responsibility of providing functionally efficient and visually pleasing homes to their clients. In a rush to embrace the modern techniques and technologies, designers often fail to take into account some old design ideas that may still be very useful and apt for 3D CAD design services in producing user-friendly designs. We continue to discuss some of these old design concepts that should be included by the architects in their designs for residential buildings.

· Inner spaces flowing into outer spaces

3D CAD design services must ensure that there is always a continuity between inner and outer spaces of a house; a connection between the built and the unbuilt. You can extend the material of a wall from inside to outside, or vice versa to link the two areas.

· Passive design principles

Green architecture is a buzz word today; you want your buildings to be sustainable, to be energy efficient today. Our old buildings used several passive design principles that should be incorporated in every home design to reduce energy consumption and make them more comfortable for the occupants. You can use proper sun and wind orientation to reduce need for artificial lighting and ventilation. Similarly, well designed lovers can block the excessive sun light and heat during summer months while allowing direct sunlight during winters.

· Good use of screen walls

3D CAD design services have to make judicious use of screen walls to enhance the quality of the interior spaces. Usually they have small areas to work with, these screen walls can’t just enable them to improve the aesthetic quality of the spaces but also create private spaces without making spaces look smaller or closed. You can use glass partitions that don’t touch the ceiling, cabinets, panels or low-height screens to compliment the home without jeopardizing the quality of the interiors.

The architects must include in their designs the old design concepts that are still as relevant and useful as ever. These ideas will help them create houses that live up to the expectations of their clients and provide them comfortable, quality living without increasing costs beyond their pockets.