Architectural BIM Modeling Services: Ensuring Better Contracts For Owners

BIM covers the entire lifespan of a building promising a much better deal for the owners, however, BIM contracts often fail to ensure the best deal for them The article suggests ways of making BIM contracts more client friendly.

Architectural BIM Modeling services offer a system that envelops the entire lifespan of a building, thus promising a process that is more client friendly than all the existing systems. Designers and other construction professionals are involved with a building for a very limited time period and naturally don’t feel responsible for the building or its owners for its entire life cycle. This often presents the owners/ operators with teething problems they cannot solve due to the lack of relevant information. The AEC Associates Architectural BIM Modeling services, however, can provide users with much needed information about how their buildings are performing, their energy use, health and safety concerns, environmental benefits to the site in particular and community in general, and so on. Being a shared information resource, Building Information Modeling is useful not only for the various professionals but for the building owners/ operators as well helping them take the right decisions by making the right information available to them.

Importance of proper contracts:

While Architectural BIM Modeling services promise a better system for the clients, the rapidly changing BIM environment often presents problems for the owners. They find it difficult to keep abreast with these changes. A client often doesn’t know how to prepare BIM contracts that are clear and unambiguous regarding their requirements and legal language. This results in them not getting the maximum benefits out of the system. A clear, detailed BIM contract becomes vital for the owners to get a better deal and for the system to produce good results consistently.

Role of a BIM expert:

BIM offers a host of advantages but unfortunately most clients are unaware of these benefits and are unable to reap these benefits. Due to their ignorance, they are at a disadvantage in preparing effective BIM contracts. A BIM expert can play a major role here in helping the building owners get their due.

The duties of a BIM expert include educating and advising the clients on the fundamentals of BIM and the full range of applications available to them now. He is supposed to engage in detailed discussions with various professionals like facility managers, environmental health and safety officers etc and user representatives to gain a thorough understanding of the owner’s needs. He should then guide the owners about the management and operation of the facility throughout its lifespan using various BIM applications. He should also facilitate discussions between the clients and the Architectural BIM Modeling services and help the clients prepare a contract that incorporates all their needs and requirements.

BIM offers a system that is more efficient and client friendly than all the existing building systems. One can ensure a very efficient building for its entire life cycle by ensuring that a proper BIM contract is prepared and the client gets the best possible deal.

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