Invest In Israel For Your Retirement Dream

I have always considered my IRA the key to living a decadent retired life somewhere in Panama or Jamaica. While I have managed to stash a considerable amount over the years, the traditional investments in stocks and bonds are not yielding the kind of returns I want. And I am quite wary of investing in local businesses or even real estate here.

The stupendous boom in housing prices in Israel has totally captivated my mind. I know that I can use my self-directed IRA to buy property overseas. The rental income will continue to boost my IRA and when the time is right, I can cash in on the rising property value too.

The only thing holding me back is the intricate minutiae of investing in Israeli real estate. I am confounded by the permissible local entity structures there. Continuous internet searches and even international phone calls are still not helping me determine the best properties for purchase. And I am loath to travel all the way to Israel right now.

The Israeli rules, policies and legal requirements have got me in a twist as well. American lawyers are largely clueless about such issues. I tried contacting some law firms in Israel but they weren’t able to help with cross-border investments either. I don’t even know their language for that matter!

Finally, I found succor in the Aharoni Law office. This Israeli law firm is conveniently based in USA and yet, the attorneys’ can provide qualified legal and financial advice for investing and transacting in Israel.

I immediately contacted Aharoni Law and found that the law firm can help with everything from verifying the ownership and best prices of prime real estate in Israeli to assisting with the negotiating and closing as well.

Now I can finally hope that my retirement dream will come true!

The Aharoni Law Offices

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