I agree that they’re fulfilling a need, which is why I end the post with an admission that there’s…
Ben Belser

I also think we are at “a moment.” However, I don’t think we necessarily need to wait on platform clickbaiters to implode, we could instead take a more systematic approach and get to the root of the problem: the flawed principles which define a “quality” news feed.

I am sure the Medium staff have some fancy proprietary mechanics underlying their feed logic but regardless it still seems heavily weighted on the summation of “likes” and “comments”.

These metrics are problematic as they are 1) correlated more with the # of followers an author has (the social media “power” as you described) than with the actual quality of the writing and 2) only provide a very limited snapshot of engagement which tends to be only one-dimensional in nature (reader engagement only vs. bi-directional engagement between the reader and the writer).

If Medium had the courage to move away from the “like” paradigm this would have a huge impact on clickbaiters. I actually responded to your prior article (above) with some suggestions to kick off the brainstorming, would be curious as to your thoughts.

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