In a world that strongly depends on data, demand for Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers has sky rocketed; leaving the job market eager to specialize in the fields of Data Science and AI without really understanding what it takes to become a Data Scientist or an ML engineer.

In order to provide clarity on this, we will begin with defining what a “Data Scientist” really is. Prior to the boom of Big Data and the internet revolution, a “Statistician” was in fact what we call today a Data Scientist. Statisticians work with formulas and data to help solve problems in different industries and sectors — they analyze data and apply mathematical and statistical techniques to help solve real-world problems. With the boom of the internet, statisticians who were capable of adapting to the changes and the fast pace of technology were then called “Data Scientists”.

In short, if you are bad at mathematics and/or statistics, DO NOT PURSUE a career in Data Science.

Even though there are softwares and platforms that do the “math” for you nowadays, and you just have to be well rounded in Python or R, it is not enough nor would help you find a job in Data Science. Why? Because understanding the mechanism of a tool is not enough to help you know HOW to use this tool, in what scenarios, etc. You are required to have a solid understanding of Data, Algorithms, and MANY other factors that come into play in order to become a Data Scientist — in other words, a few hours of an online course and working on a sample project or a little exercise really won’t do the gist of it.

You could register for an online course that teaches you how to program, and another that provides you with the basic tools and understanding of certain mathematical concepts as well as statistical analysis, but all of this won’t suffice if you do not MAINTAIN the hours you are spending on learning a new skill, and if you do not PRACTICE on real business cases.

With people coming from different industries along with different skills, Data Science may not be the right path for everyone. There are A LOT of employment opportunities out there with overlapping skills with Data Scientists — 365 Data Science provides a clear cut description of EVERYTHING you need to know about the skills needed for different positions along with the overlapping skills and tools used in different positions.


Do you think that recruitment processes are completely based on human interaction? It might be interesting to know that it is not. With the advent of technology, it has become easier to make use of AI to handle the menial tasks which can be automated. With artificial intelligence, one can create intelligent machines which learn from experience, adjust to changing inputs and perform human-like tasks, even HR departments can improve their business functions and realign their processes.

Just like any other sector, there is a huge potential for AI in Human Resources, from finding the best-fit candidates through resume analysis…

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have been disrupting several industries in recent years and using these technologies to get menial tasks done is the norm to improve efficiency of resources. Figure 1 shows the predicted spending on AI and cognitive systems in each sector by 2021. AI has penetrated the banking industry to make processes like risk assessment and fraud detection a lot easier. Whether you are in the front office or back office several tasks like conversational banking, anti-fraud and credit underwriting are being handled by AI algorithms. These solutions are real-time and the scope of error is minimal.

Projected Spending in 2021 (source:

The conventional way in which a machine learning algorithm works is that it requires all the information at once. For example, if we are creating an image classifying system for different species of plants, we need to give examples of each species to the algorithm and label them for precise prediction. Thus, for classifying the images we will need to give specific inputs to the algorithm.

However, while teaching kids we follow a funnel approach where we begin from a broader label and as the kid begins to understand the concept we begin to narrow down to the specifics. …

As researchers are exploring new ways to combat the COVID19 pandemic, data science and AI have become an integral part of their research. It has become the norm to use supercomputers in order to accelerate the process of drug screening and drug discovery in order to find solutions as soon as possible.

Photo Source:

Researchers from the Penn State University have found a new way to make this process easier; by bringing together quantum information processing and machine learning. They believe that this combination will help to overcome the inadequacies faced in the current processes to develop complex compounds due to lack…

As COVID-19 continues to spread uncertainty among businesses and leads to an increase in the unemployment rate, companies are trying to find ways to recover from their losses. Even in this environment, FinTech companies are exploring innovative ways to expand their businesses. Not only have they kept their hiring processes in place but they have also managed to raise funds. According to a research by Crunchbase, financial technology companies have seen a rise from 10 percent to 16 percent of total venture funding from 2010 to 2016. …

3W Academy, a school of computer science founded in 2012, dedicated to training in the field of web and mobile application development has joined forces with The AI Institute to provide the skills required by a Data Scientist. This was done to bridge the gap in the skills required to develop well-rounded data scientists. Both institutes have found that there was a lack of experts in artificial intelligence and data science.

The AI Institute and 3W Academy have created a 3 months boot-camp training to help students strengthen their skills in data science. The program is conducted in English and…

COVID-19, a pandemic which made its first appearance in the city of Wuhan in China, now has the entire world on edge. From governments to multinational companies, all have been adversely affected by this pandemic. While China was the first to react to this impending doom that was waiting to grapple the entire world, several tech start-ups, with the help of governments, clinicians, academics have tried to find ways to predict and control the behemoth. …

In a world which is making its way through a lot of changes in technology and where people are quickly adapting to the latest updates, it has become extremely important to stay on top of the skills required to make it big in this dynamic race. The AI Institute might just be your one-stop for it all. Whether you are a recent graduate looking for employment, facing unemployment due to COVID-19 or just want to brush up your skills, you can find everything that you are looking for at The AI Institute.

The AI Institute is a start-up based in…

The AI Institute

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