#TractionTuesday with Techstars LA: DASH Systems

Thea Knobel
Jul 23 · 2 min read

We kicked off our Techstars LA accelerator program with 10 new startups last week and the teams are already in grind mode. Follow along each Tuesday for an update on one of our portfolio companies.

DASH Systems’ founder Joel Ifill launching parcels from a flying air cargo plane


DASH Systems is automating direct air cargo deliveries, anywhere in the world. By combining aerospace engineering expertise and innovative UAV components, DASH Systems provides any cargo airplane with the ability to deliver a package direct to the ground without the need for airports, runways, or landings.

DASH Systems’ mission is to increase access to deliveries in remote, rural, or previously inaccessible areas. The startup has already provided aid for in need areas, such as Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria devastated the island. Additionally, its solutions have a double bottom line. The plane drops are less expensive than traditional shipping and greener because drops are both less fuel and time intensive than doing traditional take offs and landings.

As of yesterday, DASH Systems closed its pre-seed fundraising round including Loup Ventures, HKSTP, Techstars LA. It hopes the money will help it get closer to its vision of launching aerial delivery drones from commercial flights.

The DASH Systems team at Techstars LA

Currently, DASH Systems has crossed the threshold of 5,000 Ibs delivered. The startup does this by designing an unpowered UAV glider that launches packages from a plane’s cargo doors and utilizes a GPS with small fins to land the package within a few meters of the destination.

Additionally, DASH Systems is expanding its scope by going into repeat daily deliveries in hard to access regions as well as continuing to support humanitarian and search and rescue operators around the globe. It has now used its proprietary technology delivering packages in California, Idaho, Florida, South Carolina, Puerto Rico, and Louisiana.

During Techstars LA, DASH Systems is set on increasing its business operations and tempo in order to enable same day 100 mile deliveries.

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