#TractionTuesday with Techstars LA: findSisterhood

Thea Knobel

Social media app findSisterhood gets thousands of engaged users across 32 countries within nine months of launching. @findsisterhood

Founder and CEO Ana Pompa Alarcón Rawls (second to left) at findSisterhood’s launch party in May 2019

findSisterhood is an app created by a woman for everyone identifying as a woman across the globe to share stories anonymously. Its mission is to disrupt the way women use social media. Instead of typical social media that prompts users to share the rose-colored, filtered version of their lives, findSisterhood focuses on digging into the real life experiences of women.

The founder Ana Pompa Alarcón Rawls is a Mexican-Austrian immigrant who started findSisterhood after the birth of her second child. With no family in the US, Ana felt isolated and wanted a place to connect to other women in a safe environment. Thus, findSisterhood was created: An inclusive community where women share all parts of their lives, not just the highlight reel.

Founder and CEO Ana Pompa Alarcón Rawls with the youngest team members of findSisterhood Leila (5) and Ezra (3).

findSisterhood uses one-way cryptography to make sure every post and comment is untraceable. This creates a safe and judgement free zone where women feel comfortable being candid and sharing real life issues. On the app anything goes, with topics traditionally ranging from relationships, motherhood, sex, and lifestyle.

Additionally, findSisterhood launched an ambassador program to spread the word about empowering women. The original goal was to get 30 ambassadors, but to findSisterhood’s surprise, 500 women applied from across the globe.

The findSisterhood team: Coya Quispe, Jocelyn Jimenez, Rebecka Skoog, Ana Pompa Alacrón Rawls, Maria Villegas, Stephan Hagemann, and Andria Alvarez

During Techstars, findSisterhood hopes to build meaningful brand partnerships, grow their team, and create a global footprint. findSisterhood also has a podcast unspokenTruths that discusses taboo topics from the app. You can download the app on Google Play and the App Store here. Follow findSisterhood’s journey on instagram here.

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