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If you have ever setup a VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) on AWS, you would understand the painful amount of steps one needs to do to setup the VPC. We generally start by creating a VPC, setting up both public and private subnets, setting up Internet Gateway, Route Tables, NAT Gateway, Security Groups and NACLs. Generally you would do all these steps for one of your applications as ideally you would want to keep separate VPCs for different applications.

Now there are 2 things that bug me about this. First, why do I need to do so many steps a number of times ?!; Second, if I forget a single step for example I made a small mistake setting route table for private subnets, my application doesn’t work and it would take me from half an hour to a day to debug and solve the issue. …

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If you are just starting in Machine Learning and you want to know the basic workflow involved in making your own model, there could be a lot of confusion involved as to what processing needs to be done, how to organise data, scale or not to scale, to encode data or not and if there is a need of encoding data then exactly what data needs to be encoded , and how to apply something as simple as linear regression on your model, and finally how to achieve your final output. …

As a passionate developer you are always attracted towards latest trends in the tech industry. Sometimes it gets hard to keep in pace with the ever expanding tech stack, especially in web development.

I came across GraphQL by Facebook recently and got to know about it’s power. It doesn’t take a genius but only a decent development experience to figure out how awesome it can be for your products. Sometimes (not sometimes, most of the times) big companies with existing large scale products tend to miss out on latest technologies because it’s too big an hassle to shift their codebase to latest tech stack, I agree. But, that’s the best part about GraphQL. It is a query language for your API. You don’t need to wreck your existing APIs to integrate GraphQL. …


Akshay Gupta

AWS Certified | Developer | Devops | Cloud

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