The Big Bang of Collective Action: Take Action

3 min readApr 20, 2017

This is part of “The Big Bang of Collective Action”, a nonlinear list essay by me, Jason Wyman, Impact Producer for The Alliance for Media Arts and Culture. It captures in its simple complexity the breadth of The Alliance’s Youth Media Collective Action Initiative.

Each “bullet” in the list contains both a visual code and a story. Some stories are metaphor. Some are poetry. Others are summaries. And even one is a worksheet. It is my humble attempt to synthesize the collective and manifest its wisdom in the form that works best for that collective wisdom.

“The Big Bang of Collective Action” is meant to be read in whatever manner moves you. At the end of this post is a visual table of contents. Click whichever CODE catches your eye or makes you want to click.

And please know, “ The Big Bang of Collective Action” is also a tool. It is meant to be used. So please interact with it by clicking links, leaving a comment, sharing it with a friend, sketching an idea, recording a video response, and/ or writing your own post.

The Youth Media Collective Action Initiative is organized as a series of individual, one-off actions that you join depending on your own capacity. Any and all involvement is invited. There is no “right way” to get involved. There is only you and your desire to join. Or not.

Do you have time, energy, and interest in hosting a dinner party that brings youth, adults, and elders together? Then, check out our 50-State Dinner Party Toolkit. You will find a whole bunch of useful information, and if you have questions, email me.

Are you more interested in connecting with your peers in Youth Media? Then, join us for our Video Roundtables where we share stories across geographies and learn about an innovative practice from youth media practitioners across the United States. Upcoming Youth Media Video Roundtables are on Wednesdays April 26, June 28, August 30, and October 25, 2017, from 10am to 11:30am PST. To sign up, take this quick survey.

Don’t have time but want to add your voice? Then, take our quick Survey of Desired Futures & Origins of the Universe. It takes no more than 5 minutes, and you can also sign up for our bi-monthly eNewsletters.

Want to just take in some incredible information? Then, check out our Special Issue of Youth Media Reporter. There is diverse, engaging content from all corners of the United States with contributions from youth to elders.

Have another idea? Then, simply email me. I’m at

Any and all of this is available to any and all of you. All you have to do is take action.

Click HERE for “The Big Bang of Collective Action” Table of Contents.




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