YouTube SEO: 25 Actionable Steps to Rank #1 (actually works)

Discover Keywords for perfect YouTube SEO

Create a title according to YouTube SEO

Enhance Your YouTube Tags

Request that People Leave Comments

Urge People to Subscribe

Move forward the Production Value

Things that indirectly affects YouTube SEO

Get a Tripod

Get the Lighting Right

Get a Microphone

Make an Eye-Catching Thumbnail

Add Closed Captions

Alter Your Filename to Improve YouTube SEO

Create Backlinks for your Channel & Videos

Share on Social Media

Send an Email to Your List

  1. Go to your competitor’s video and see the comment section.
  2. Find those peoples’ mail address
  3. Email them when you release a video on the same topic
  4. A small percentage would be interested there. Keep these people as your loyal fan
  5. After a month, do the same marketing campaign. When you’re doing that, make sure to add hundreds of new people to your list but remove those first ones who were not interested at that time.
  6. Repeat it every month

Take Keyword Ideas to Improve YouTube SEO

Start Your Description With Your Focus Keyword

Use YouTube Auto-complete for Keyword Research

Increase your Watch-Time for YouTube SEO improvement

Survey Your Watch Time Report

Take a gander at your Audience Analytics Report

Use Engagement Reports to Drive YouTube SEO

Add Some Suspense to Improve YouTube SEO

Make YouTube Playlists

Get Featured on Another Channel

Get Interviewed

Track down Your Optimal Video Length

Work on Your YouTube Content

YouTube SEO Conclusion




Entry-level Digital Marketer - Content Writing, SEO, Facebook & YouTube marketing expert from Bangladesh

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Raiyan Proteek

Raiyan Proteek

Entry-level Digital Marketer - Content Writing, SEO, Facebook & YouTube marketing expert from Bangladesh

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