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How Do Issuers Buy Investor Confidence In the Traditional Economy?

In the traditional economy, there are three entities that take care part in the IPO process: The issuer, the underwriter and the investor. The underwriter is typically an investment bank. The company issuing the shares, also known as the issuer, contracts with the underwriter to sell its shares to the public. The underwriter approaches interested investors to sell the shares, retaining a portion of the issue as the underwriting fee.

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The recent craze in the crypto currency world is raising money through Initial Coin Offerings a.k.a ICO. The concept of ICO’s have been around for a while but with the rise of Ethereum/Expanse based smart contracts they have been given a framework. The framework allows for more transparency since investors can e

ICO’s can be issued by an individual, a group of people or an organization. The barrier of entry is pretty much non existent which is why we are seeing a huge influx of ICO’s. The issuers can promise the world to potential investors but their is no way…

Ahmad Omar Siddiqi

I am a software developer and an investor in the bitcoin blockchain space. My passions are golfing and crypto currencies.

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