Millenials Actually Do Care about the News.

When was the last time you actually turned on the news or looked at a newspaper? Did you just have to take a moment to really think back? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Millennials generally don’t read the paper while eating their breakfast and drinking their morning coffee like we have seen on TV shows.

Millenials are not getting our news traditionally, but millenials see the news via social media. Most millenials are following news outlets on social media and we see stories that are our news. However, I would argue that millenials are not actively going to News’ social media accounts to see the posts. Millenials see the news when it goes viral. We see the news that is one of the extremes, funny and random or tragic and horrifying. That always how the news has been.

Many of us remember this news story that took over social media a few years ago. It was turned into a song even! A recent story that has been currently taking over social media is the fight in McDonalds.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have this recent news story about a cop that has gone viral as well.

News sites even have sections for viral news like Mirror. It has gotten to the point where news stations are reporting on viral news. Feeling like you’re in the Matrix? Don’t worry, I am here with you!

David McSweeny did a case study to see how different things go viral. He evaluated the different media platforms to see which platform had more influence to go viral. McSweeny turned going viral into a science.

The American Institue also conducted a study on how millenials receive news. Contrary to popular belief, we still care and want the news, we just do not receive it through the traditional channels now with social media’s influence.

In conclusion, yes, Millenials still care about the news and what is happening in the world today. We just don’t receive that news in the traditional channels. We see it on social media and we see viral news first.