5 popular feng shui crystals to improve your home

This past weekend I attended the Galactic expo here in Nashville. What the heck is that you ask? It’s an expo filled with all things holistic, natural, and woo woo. Disneyland to a feng shui hippie like myself. More importantly, the expo harbors some of the most coveted rock vendors, and this my friend is what we are going to talk about today!

It is said that crystals have healing properties. Mystics, Priests, Kings and Queens have prized them for centuries. Lapis and Amethyst were considered more valuable than gold in some countries, and this is evident in some of history’s most beautiful jewelry pieces — that don’t have any diamonds. No diamonds? Nope. We can thank deBeers for the last century of diamond lust, one of the most successful advertising campaigns to date. Think about it, every woman associates diamonds with engagements. But I digress.

Today I’m going to talk about healing crystals and how to use them in your home. Why are they healing? How do we know this? All very good questions — that I cannot answer. But to anyone who can see energy and auras, they all see the same thing — a stones ability to do stuff. And I’ve experienced this a few times in my life so I continue to have the belief that it works. One of the most profound experiences I ever had was visiting a rock shop in Asheville, North Carolina. David and I both felt high and loopy in the store — as if we were vibrating. It was a tremendous feeling that continued for over four hours. I’ve also placed stones in my garden and revived plants that seemed hopeless to survive. So I know there is something to it, plus let’s just admit they’re pretty! Ok, Ok so you’re on board, you want to do this, where do you start?

5 popular feng shui crystals to improve your home

  • Clear Quartz — Ok so this is the godfather of stones. Seriously, if you just want to dip your toe into this crystal thing, this is the number stone. It does everything, and its also affordable and its pretty for any decor! This stone clears ick from your energy field, brings clarity, strengthens, protects, and a variety of other things. An excellent starter stone that encompasses a lot of things.
  • Amethyst — Yet another amazing stone. Coveted amongst kings and other royalty, this beautiful stone packs a big punch. Best known for transmuting negative energy into peaceful uplifting energy, this stone is ideal for a home. It’s attractive and helps remove the gunk that slows us down. You’ll often see these in spas and other healing modalities because of its’ healing properties. Also a great stone for connecting tot he divine, so use it for your meditation practices.
  • Carnelian — Oh one of my favorite stones, truly! I wear this stone a lot. Connected to the second chakra (energy points in our body, and the second is just above our groin) this stone is great for motivation, endurance and leadership. It’s also a stone of creativity — so for anyone who is self employed this is a terrific stone to have with you! I think its also important to mention it sharpens concentration and protects against envy and rage — another attribute that I think many small business owners can fall into if not careful when falling into he trap of comparison.
  • Citrine — I love this stone for so many reasons, but this is an excellent stone to have in your home. It dispels negativity and it doesn’t ever need to be “cleaned”. (I’ll talk about this below) Citrine is a stone of the solar plexus chakra (located in your gut, where you feel those butterflies) and is a great stone for courage, removing negative blocks and it has great power in attracting abundance. Ka-ching! This stone below is real citrine. Some may confuse it with smoky quartz because they are used to seeing citrine as bright orange — but REAL citrine looks like this. The bright orange stuff is actually amethyst thats been placed in sand. I know, I know, way to make it confusing, right? Just go to a reputable rock shop and ask for real citrine. (Click on over to the blog to see the actual stone pics. http://gatesinteriordesign.com/5-popular-feng-shui-crystals-improve-home/)
  • Fluorite — This brings the highest state of consciousness, better known as the genius stone. I like this for a home because it’s gorgeous for decoration but also because we are at our most relaxed states when at home — which means we have better focus. This stone brings clarity, strong mental awareness and helps us work through complex issues with ease. It works closely with the brain by stimulating it to bring in more prana or life force. It supports focus, clarity, concentration and I should add, it also brings more enchantment into our life — which we all need! A lovely stone for the home.

If you are interested in the idea of crystals I highly recommend exploring them. They are not only attractive but aid us in many ways. Be sure to cleanse and charge your stones. Cleanse them in sun light or moonlight (especially great on a full moon) and charge them with intentions. Basically, tell them what you want them to do for you. There are hundreds of thousands of stones out there and all do specific things. Head to your local rock shop and check them out. I always suggest buying the ones that “call to you” because they choose you.

Too see additional photos or to learn more, head on over to my blog: http://gatesinteriordesign.com/5-popular-feng-shui-crystals-improve-home/

Written by Amanda Gates

Interior Designer and Feng shui Consultant, Gates Interior Design

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