I love entertaining, and I especially love entertaining for the holidays. Who doesn’t? Ok… a few of you may have just broken out in hives just thinking about it! But here’s the thing, entertaining is a fun way to turn off the television, set down those phones and hook up with friends, neighbors and family to enjoy the cool weather together over a warm meal. In facet, in Feng Shui coming together not only brings us a sense of community, but opens our hearts to meaningful kinship and connection. So much of our spirits have been lost to technology that keeps us isolated and depleted so stop the madness and get together for some food and fun!

Get-togethers can be casual and fun, or elegant and intimate. But I know what you’re thinking, this sounds exhausting, overwhelming and possibly expensive.

Luckily, entertaining doesn’t have to be any of those things. One of our favorite quotes about entertaining:

“A successful dinner party doesn’t demand anything elaborate-just simple food, good company, and a convivial setting” — Real Simple

Some people hear the word “entertaining” and twitch just from the shear thought of trying to be a ‘hostess with the mostess,’ thinking it’s hopeless to even attempt. Well, I am here to tell you that it isn’t impossible, nor is it inconceivable that you can be a great host.

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Written by Amanda Gates | Interior Designer | Feng Shui Practitioner | Author | Podcast Host | Yogi

Photo Credits: Gates Interior Design | Eliot Caldwell