UXD PT Case Study — Community App

Below is a recap of my process and end result of my Community App for RED Academy UX Part-Time course.

The Opportunity

It all began with an idea to help people like myself find places to go out together at night. However, after digging into this, I decided I wanted to work on an app to help promote the idea of being engage citizens by connecting people to events by causes they care about by consolidating volunteer opportunities to match users expertise/interests. I wanted to allow people to easily apply/attend events and volunteer based on their schedule, and perhaps add social engagement with others to encourage more people to volunteer.


I conducted a competitive analysis, surveys, and user interviews.

For my competitive analysis, I found that there’s one main site that tries to aggregate events but is overwhelming and takes users out of the site and Meetup.com is an example of a successful and organized app.

From my interviews, I found people:

  • Are not able to commit to a lot of time
  • Don’t know about opportunities out there
  • Want to volunteer but don’t have a cause
  • Don’t know what certain volunteer opportunities actually involve
  • Wishes there was a way to “share” volunteering commitments with others
  • Genuinely thinks we can make a difference if enough people cared

Which lead to my persona:

  • Late twenties
  • Lives close to downtown, but not directly in the core
  • Likes being in-the-know of current events
  • Doesn’t have a particular cause they’re passionate about
  • Knows volunteering is good for the world and wants to be involved, but not enough to sacrifice too much time as they have other career goals and aspirations
  • Has a successful career path
  • Commits time to their hobbies and social life
  • Keeps a conscious effort to be “well-balanced”


Features I included were:

  • Ability to join a volunteer opportunity
  • Ability to create a volunteer group (vetted)
  • Search volunteer groups/events
  • See others who are also volunteering
  • Share volunteer time slots for larger commitments
  • Create and update profile
  • Set interests so events and groups that could be of interest would show up in home feed
  • Calendar of committed volunteer events

My user flow:


Paper prototypes:

Usability Testing


  • Testing the signup and joining an event successfully


  • You’ve just found out about this app and have downloaded it. You need to sign up through Facebook, add your interests, and join a volunteer event (happy path)


  • Keep it simple (remove functionality to keep it at MVP)
  • Each page needs to be specific to its purpose (people were confused about profile page having another calendar/upcoming events


I’m glad I went through the process and hope to keep iterating for future versions, and then eventually deploy this. Everyone that I spoke to said they would like to volunteer but do not know how to start, and even myself, if I had something like this, I think we can all make a difference and feel fulfilled.

Here is the link to my prototype:


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