My parents and I are not the same

Of course, I have their genes, their blood, their eyes and a lot of things; but I am a different person, with different values and ideas about life. I used to think that they were my role models, that goes in some aspects, but not in all. My father taught me about de order, the cleanliness, and the elegance, but I can’t wear like him, he is the perfect example of a classic-dramatic person: hat, tie, black business suit and perfect rounded shoes… I have a different style; I never use heels or red lipstick; my mood is distinct as well as my outfits.

About my mother, she showed me the importance of the perseverance, the hard work, and the devotion. However, I have different concepts of these values.

Furthermore, the appearance and the material beings represent “success” in my parents’ mind. For them, having a car, use expensive jewelry or dress cute clothes are signs of personal achievements. Meanwhile, for me, the success means live on peace, according to my values and have a lot of interesting stories to tell.

It doesn’t matter what you do; all is too bad

Yep… When you are young, all that you decide seems incorrect for people. If you are married, you are rushing or desperate. If you are single, you are selfish or immature. If you work hard for a goal, you are “sacrificing the best years of the youth… but if you seem to relax, people tag you as a “loser” or “a daze.” It doesn’t matter, people all the time have a different plan for you, they don’t care if you want that.

“Couple relationships” don’t mean “all the relationships.”

All the time seems that the only type of relationships which matter are love, couple or sexual relationships. The TV, cinema and our social culture obsessed with romanticism told us that the greatest dimension of love is the couple love, but I discovered that we have a lot of types of love expressions: with our friends, family, pets, co-workers and with God.

Romantic love seems beautiful, and I am sure that it is true, but I learned that the word love is more than kisses, presents or nice words. Love is not exactly them, and sometimes we feel alone because we forget it and walk by the life looking for a companion and not for love.

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