3 Keys to Content Marketing for Crypto Currency

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Crypto currency profitability has taken off for coin investors as well as the companies that introduce new currencies and crypto-related technologies to the world. However, the market is getting increasingly crowded and tough for people to navigate, so smart content marketing strategies are a necessity for crypto currency businesses to gain traction.

So what can your crypto-business do to create good content and use that content to convert your business leads? Here are three crypto currency content marketing tips that can help get your business on the right track while maximizing the value of every lead generation opportunity.

Offer Value — Not Jargon, Hype, or Hot Takes

While the cryptocurrency market has yet to hit its peak, repeated themes in the news cycle can already have many potential investors and business partners burnt out on the subject.

Many articles have essentially become variations on the theme of “crypto currency is dead … long live crypto currency!” That, or a company emerges that promises every advantage under the sun to their new coin product without explicitly explaining what makes it distinct.

So, give your audience a breather from hyperbole and substitute in genuine knowledge. Take the time to explain the actual differentiators for your coin, product, or service in a meaningful, easy-to-grasp way.

As a good rule of thumb, for every strong assertion made like, “Our currency will change the world,” ensure you have an explanation with data, evidence, or comparisons to back it up.

This strategy will help nurture relationships early on with leads, while helping your company avoid “blending in with the scenery” among the hundreds of other startups trying to claw their way to visibility.

For leads that aren’t quite familiar with the market or your unique position within it, take a step back to provide explanations. Topics like, “How Crypto Currency Works,” “What Is Mining?”, “Encryption and Blockchain Explained,” and similar crypto currency 101 coverage can help people get oriented and understand your unique value proposition better.

Use Visual Content for Greater Engagement

The best supplement to crypto currency content is a visual aid.

Accompanying a piece of text information with a visual is enough to boost retention of your messaging by 6.5 times.

Without these visuals, people tend to remember just 10% of what you said!

A few types of visual content will help sell your message particularly well:

  1. Infographics — These earn three times more likes and shares on social media than any other type of content!
  2. Single Image Article Summaries — If you have an important fact or headline you want to get across, creating a visual header like this one can help your post get more engagement. People often share or react to post headers like these without even reading the main content itself!
  3. Videos — Video assets don’t have to be expensive, and they go a long way towards earning you leads. 59% of senior executives say they prefer video to text, and including video content on a landing page can increase conversions by 800%!

Connect Your Content to a Larger Funnel

Creating great content is step #1 for earning leads, but you want to ensure that leads know what the next steps are in order to take action on your offer.

The key is to create sample buyer journeys segmented by the type of persona you wish to appeal to and convert. These journeys should be natural, appealing, and intuitive, which means the jump from one step to the next shouldn’t be intimidating.

For example, if you’re trying to generate sales for crypto coin mining tools, don’t just end your content with a CTA to “buy now!” Instead, offer a piece of follow-up content for your lead to “learn more.” Or better yet, offer them something valuable that doesn’t feel like a sales pitch, such as closing with a CTA to, “Download our guide to get started with crypto coin mining, and start making profits quicker!”

Set goals for how your content converts leads from each buyer stage to the next. Then, track your conversion data using custom URL parameters. The data you generate reveals which tactics bring you the best performance, so monitor closely, make note of your successes, and evolve your strategy over time to get more from each piece of content you create.

Strike Gold With Your Crypto Currency Content Marketing Strategy with Help From an Experienced Agency

Content marketing is both an art and a science, and you can’t be expected to master both overnight while running your business.

Partnering with a content marketing agency for crypto currency businesses can help you grow your business, generate awareness, and optimize performance over time without taking your focus off your core business activities.

Allows you to focus on your key strengths and brings in an expert to focus on your content!

Thanks for reading!

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