The 10 Biggest Misconceptions About Remote Work

Working remotely is a great benefit for employees to receive from their employer. Personally, working remotely allows me to work undisturbed for long periods of time to produce my best work. The elimination of normal office distractions is a key aspect. I think one of the biggest issues is overcoming the objections by management of why remote work won’t work, this to me is a failure on a leader to garner respect of their people. I am productive with working remotely because I value the production and freedom I have. But in most cases organizations do not trust employees and have this perspective that they must see employees walk in an office to determine if they are working. I can tell you I work much less in the office than when at home, this is why I value working remotely. This is where Startups gain so much ground, giving an employee the opportunity to work where they can produce great things. I don’t need to be in an office to be great.