You’re Insane for Running Facebook Ads on Your Own … Or Are You?

If there’s one thing marketers find more challenging than anything else, it’s creating Facebook ads. With frequent algorithm changes and less than ideal results, many brands are throwing in the towel when it comes to advertising this way.

These kinds of results can dampen one’s enthusiasm for creating effective Facebook ads, but considering the opportunity to engage a large amount of users among your audience it may certainly be worth the effort. On the other hand, hiring marketing professionals to craft them for you might be the way to go.

Outsourcing your Facebook ads takes a lot of stress off of your shoulders, but it could add a layer of risk to the endeavour.

If your ad doesn’t engage your audience, not only are you missing out on the potential revenue from your pitch, but you will also be paying out money for the ad and for the marketers.

The entire situation can be confusing, so it might seem clear that running Facebook ads on your own is utter madness. Is it though? With these tips, your ads could be more successful.

Focus on Your Offer

Too often, brands are constantly reworking their ad copy to see if it will generate better results. What they don’t realize, however, is that the ad copy isn’t the focus for the average consumer. The rhetoric there is important. You have to make an engaging ad if you want to boost conversion as much as possible, but even a masterfully written ad won’t be able to overcome an offer that doesn’t compel your audience.

Your Facebook ad should put your offer at the forefront as the proposal should be enticing in its own right.

Add something to your offer that sweetens the pot whether it’s donating to a charity after a certain amount of sales or it’s including bonus swag. A simple percentage off may draw the eyes of some consumers, but they see similar offers countless times a day, so your ad may not stand out.

In order to truly maximize the effect of your offer, you’ll have to mix good ad copy alongside it. Augment your offer with copy that will evoke the proper emotions from your audience. Focus on how they benefit. Phrase your offer in such a way that it comes across as a service to your audience rather than an advertisement to earn your brand profit.

Track Sales

To properly augment and optimize your ad campaign, you need to adequately track your results. There are quite a few different factors you can measure, but your most telling result will be sales. Likes and shares aren’t as powerful if they’re not turning into sales. After all, the entire goal of Facebook ads is to boost your conversion as much as possible.

Make sure you don’t make the common mistake of assuming clicks will turn into sales. If you see your ad is being frequently shared, make sure you wait to see the sales before you declare it a success. You may have to rework your ad if it’s being shared, but you’re not seeing the corresponding sales.

Shares and clicks are still important metrics to measure, but revenue must always be your top priority.

Plan For the Long Term

When many brands approach Facebook ads, they do so expecting quick returns that will instantly lead to more revenue.

Social media marketing is more complicated than that. You have to build a successful ad campaign rather than create a single effective ad. The only way to maximize your conversion in a way that stays consistent is to keep refining your ads continuously to boost conversion more and more.

While refining your ads may suggest that you should test several different strategies, this shouldn’t be done at random. You need to develop a strategy for your testing as well as for the campaign itself. The details of this strategy will vary quite a bit from industry to industry, so it will benefit you to examine what kinds of ads your audience usually engages with. Above all else, make sure you rely on the data. If something doesn’t work, stop doing it, even if you thought it would be a home run.

It’s also important to remember that losing some money when first acquiring a customer is okay, and make sure you consider the customer’s lifetime value before you write it off as a loss. Losing money on the front end is acceptable when you stand to make a significant profit over the long haul.

Maybe It Is Insane

Keeping up with all of this yourself might be an insanely challenging endeavor to start. Choosing the right team of marketers to build Facebook ads that will help boost conversion, allowing your brand to soar to new heights can be daunting but needed.

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