Submission Guidelines

Become a Panda to our audience.

When readers come to The Disappointment Panda, they are looking for powerful stories. And what can be more powerful than personal experience written down. Wrap your stories in a beautiful and powerful message and impact other’s lives.

We publish all the articles submitted because everyone has something unique to offer.

Our Theme

Stories. All types of stories. Stories with an impactful message. Mostly your own.

What to avoid

  • Cheap stock photography — give your story some love by picking a beautiful free picture from Unsplash.
  • Listicles and clickbait headlines, e.g “These 5 things will make you insanely successful”.

Things to Remember

Please Only Submit Unpublished Drafts

In the spirit of trying to get your article the most exposure possible, we prefer unpublished drafts over published stories. Medium’s algorithm favors fresh stories, and our homepage is sorted by date of when the article was published (not when it was accepted into the publication). The longer it’s been since a story’s original publish date, the poorer it will usually perform.

We Reserve the Right to Alter and Edit Your Story

The Disappointed Panda team can edit the content of your story if grammatical errors are found, along with adding logos, bylines, ads, images, etc. to your story. If you remove this content after your story is published, it will be removed from The Disappointed Panda, and you will be removed from our list of contributors.

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