Procrastination: I’ll Make a Title Later

Some months ago, I thought of a pretty simple task: to start writing a blog. Setting up a blog is fairly simple. You just need to buy a domain name, build a website, and start writing an article daily.

I believed, in no time I will have a thousand students reading my blogs daily; I would be teaching them simple life hacks, and we all would live happily ever after.

But then, the unwanted but expected happened. PROCRASTINATION!

I procrastinated for days, then weeks and then months. Every day I woke and decided today would be the day to write an article. I was always about to write an article but the moment to act never arrived. I needed a call to action button in my life.

Determined to beat my laziness and get work done, I started using “tools to improve productivity.” I planned my day, a night before; wrote all the tasks in an app and put a time alarm. And when the time came to do the task, I would easily do it.

Haha; No, with slightly guilty and sinking feeling I would snooze it and never open the app again. I would stay glued to youtube and close the sticky note with to do list on it.

I knew I should start with the writing; I should stop procrastinating and get it done. I was not sure why I was not able to get on with it though I knew how to do it and how important it was.

Somehow all these new age tools were not working for me. I needed something basic and raw that was hard to get rid off. I needed to get back to pen and paper. So I went back to old school technique of listing tasks on paper and crossed it when it is done. But, then I would keep the list in pocket/bag and forget and stay glued to Youtube.

But then by a bit iteration, I developed a simple process to beat the laziness and get things done.

I use simple sticky notes to write my tasks on and then paste them on my laptop. Now even if I am watching Suits or Silicon Valley, I know what I need to do. Plus space is limited, so tasks cannot pile up and you need to get things done. After doing the task, I transfer the sticky notes to my diary with an essential remark of the task.

Using Sticky Notes on Laptop worked the best for me. I can now keep a track of my productivity and also know where I am failing.
Beating Procrastination is a long term game!
Get ready to get work done.

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