30 Days of Paleo: Day 6

It’s almost a week! I can’t believe it’s only been six days, though. It feels like I’ve been eating this way for months. I’m really happy with how the meal prep is going. It’s saving me time, and I feel more at ease knowing exactly which ingredients are in the food I’m eating. Also, I’m starting to eat a little less and less each day, which is reassuring. I’m gonna switch to more soup-based items for the mornings now because having an omelette every day was 1. time-consuming (doing dishes at 8 AM? eek), and 2. very very dense.

Today I’m gonna go to the grocery store and buy more SNACKS. I don’t snack too much, but lately, I’ve been catching myself in moments of panic when I’m watching a show or reading because I’ll want something to munch on, and all I have is fruit or dark chocolate chips! Both of which are full of fructose and not the best for weight loss.

Some alternative snack options I’m gonna look into are pitted olives, pickles, and seaweed — all things that I already love but have never stocked in my pantry. For olives, I’m thinking about buying pre-packaged snack-sized olives from the company “OLOVES” (they have such cute packaging, and you know I’m a sucker for it) and just large dill pickles that I can chomp on when I’m bored. I can eat hella pickles in one sitting. Don’t doubt me. And hopefully, the store will have some packs of seaweed laying around.


  • Seafood stew (switching it up and having some from breakfast!)
  • Blackberries and blueberries


  • Lemon rosemary chicken with cauliflower


  • Seafood stew (I added hella broccoli and carrots to the batch this time, so I have all my veggies covered!)


  • 2 mandarin oranges
  • 2 bananas
  • More blackberries and blueberries! (as you can tell, I’m running out of food)


  • Treadmill warm-up
  • A shorter version of my usual leg routine (squats, lunges, leg extensions, leg press)
  • Abs (regular plank, side planks, toe touches, flutter kicks, side twists, kick-ups, windmills, leg lifts, heel touches)

Edit: Didn’t make it to the store because of an eye doctor appointment. Rip.

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